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Eat The Bits started out as a fresh accompaniment to every Tonkotsu meal. It quickly became so popular with customers that we bottled (well, jarred) the lightening so they could take it home.

Eat The Bits was originally made by our founder Ken, using 100% fresh ingredients. Ken called it Eats The Bits because at first people weren’t sure if they could. But you can. And should. They taste great!

But not every fresh ingredient can be jarred. So to overcome that obstacle Ken’s wife Chloe spent months perfecting a version of Eat The Bits chilli oil that is 100% natural and uses dried ingredients.

Once it was impossible to tell the difference between Ken’s version and Chloe’s, everyone agreed it was time to jar it up and start selling Tonkotsu’s very own Eat The Bits chill oil as a condiment.

All natural. No nasties. Our Eat The Bits chilli oil is packed with umami flavours so addictively delicious, some customers buy 10 jars at a time!

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